Sunday, January 8, 2017

Five things

Hello and Happy New Year, who's excited for 2017!

Here are a few things I can't seem to get off my mind and wanted to share. 

Hidden Figures:

Saw this today, highly recommend.  The acting was superb. 


I always forget how much I love movies until I go,   Denzel does not disappoint!

Vince Camuto "Remme":
I have tried on this sandal twice at NordstromRack.  Not too flat, not too tall, skirts and jeans, this goes with it all.  They really need to come home with me. 

Cruzan Black Cherry Rum: 

My coworker ordered sangria at our unofficial holiday party, this was in it, yummy. 

Wooden bracelets:

This one is from Wrist Soiree, Bianca it has a touch of turquoise and a smidgen of pink.  Simple and so lovely.

I'm working on a list of what I'd like to get accomplished this year, I sure hope I find time to share my days here.  I just don't do it enough.

Thanks for dropping in.