Sunday, November 13, 2016

I'm a copy cat - DecoArt Satin Enamels

I'd bought this wooden headboard and footboard on Craiglist for $20.  The catch was, the owner no longer had the side rails to hook the two together.  But I was sure IKEA would have something.  They didn't and I lost momentum, it sat. 
After a few google searches, I found some pieces at that appear to be perfect for the job.  With the attachment pieces ordered, I moved onto the fun part, painting!

One recent Saturday, (the weekends have been so nice) I showed Kya this post from Under the Sycamore.  Apparently this paint offers, no sanding with a durable, non-toxic hard finish, I was sold.  And since turquoise/teal has been her color lately she was game too. 
I mixed three 8oz bottles together for a muted turquoise.  Two coats and about two hours later, it was done and I had a full 8oz remaining to use again. 

The finish is shiny without being glossy.  It's definitely more blue than I would have chosen, but its really grown on me.

The next step for this room is a full sized bed.  We priced a few this weekend, so we should be able to wrap up the changes in this room pretty soon.  I'm excited to get something crossed off.