Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Master Bath update

I finally finished painting the vanity in the master bath.

I used Annie Sloane's chalk paint and followed the tips from this blog post for the job.  I did a coat of paint a day, for a total of three coats.  There was also some fine sanding between coats and finally two coats of wax.  All in all, that took me a week!  I could've done multiple coats a day but I choose to go slow, so I wouldn't hate the process due to self imposed pressure. 

Even though, I sanded in between coats there is still some visible texture when you are up close.  At first I was bummed with the visibility of the paint texture, I wanted smooth perfection.  But when I stepped away and saw how good it looked as a whole, I realized how much I love it.  

Now I can't wait to find the perfect knobs to mark this project complete.  I'm looking for something in brushed nickel, starting on Amazon tonight and my last resort will be IKEA, there are at least 8-10 local choices in between.  

I love a good house project and getting my hands dirty, but my favorite is putting it to use and being able to enjoy all the fruits of my labor.  


  1. Never heard of sanding in between coats. I actually like a little texture when painting. Now that summer is gone need to get some last minute paint jobs done. Hope you had an awesome summer! Much love!

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