Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Master Bath update

I finally finished painting the vanity in the master bath.

I used Annie Sloane's chalk paint and followed the tips from this blog post for the job.  I did a coat of paint a day, for a total of three coats.  There was also some fine sanding between coats and finally two coats of wax.  All in all, that took me a week!  I could've done multiple coats a day but I choose to go slow, so I wouldn't hate the process due to self imposed pressure. 

Even though, I sanded in between coats there is still some visible texture when you are up close.  At first I was bummed with the visibility of the paint texture, I wanted smooth perfection.  But when I stepped away and saw how good it looked as a whole, I realized how much I love it.  

Now I can't wait to find the perfect knobs to mark this project complete.  I'm looking for something in brushed nickel, starting on Amazon tonight and my last resort will be IKEA, there are at least 8-10 local choices in between.  

I love a good house project and getting my hands dirty, but my favorite is putting it to use and being able to enjoy all the fruits of my labor.  

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Amazon is on their game

Are you Amazon Prime?  I finally joined last month and I have to say my favorite benefit so far is the Amazon video.  

Did you know you can download Amazon videos to your device to view while flying, no wifi required.  Yes, it's true.  Amazon video does suck up memory on your device, and you do have to download via wifi before your trip but while onboard you can watch to your hearts content, people this is GOLD!  I usually rent movies for work trips so the Amazon Prime membership will offset this expense and offer free online shipping, yes! yes! yes!

And one other thing, how about their latest Dash initiative... 

Seriously, this is some Jetsons type ish, so fancy! I was just reading about it and had to share, but you probably already knew. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Favorites, September 2016

Reading: There is a scene in the movie that made me want to read to the book.  It finally became available at the library and I looooooove it!!!  I can't wait to get in the car for a drive so I can indulge (I listen via library or audible.com).  I am really enjoying the pace, the characters are so well detailed, you feel like you know how them.  I can't believe the author is a man, he writes the lead character (a woman) so well!  

This book is a great reminder about simpler times, honor, character, integrity, and my fave, love. 

Watching: These dorks, Scrubs is on Netflix and I am enjoying it.  The cast just clicks.  My husband and Turk have so many goofy similarities.  I know it's fiction but I'm working my way through the entire series, 9 seasons, it's my twenty minutes of humor before bed. Highly recommend.  

Celebrating: We celebrated my cousins 50th this weekend.  How do you celebrate 50 years?  In our family, it's with food (and flowers, birthdays call for flowers!!!) always food.  So Saturday was all about blue crabs, dungeneoness crabs, fried fish, jerk chicken, red potatoes, corn, broccoli, and a few dranks.   Oh and flowers, if you're the biRthDay gUrl.

Addictions: So, I have a confession, ha...I am slightly addicted to ebay perfume samples.  Fragrances are pricey.  And I'm a light sprayer so they last me quite a while - enter eBay samples, they have been BOMB - I get variety without the commitment or price tag.  So far, I've tried:
Prada Candy Kiss, 5 for $13 - delicate and sweet without being sugar sweet.
Jo Malone, Blackberry & Bay, $6 - Sensual, notes of musk, no bueno for me  
Jo Malone, Nectarine Blossom & Honey, $6 - Crisp, light, I am loving this one, LOVE

Buying: Once again I'm on the hunt for shoes.  I'm finally ready to commit to the price tag and what happens, I can't find my size - anywhere, grrrr.  I'll get you my pretties!!

For the House: I ordered this rug from PB, it was on sale.  Our current rug is from RugsUSA, I love it, but man does it shed.  I'm planning to move that one in our bedroom and use the PB rug in the family room.  Fingers crossed, they ordered it to the store to save me on shipping and delivery surcharges, but it could take up to a month.  

That about sums up this neck of the woods.   Although I am enjoying the cooler nights, I am still holding onto Summer, put away the pumpkin spice - I'm looking at you Starbucks.