Sunday, August 21, 2016

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 I was searching for a birthday gift for a creative, soccer playing preteen about to start middle school, who thinks she might want to be a teacher.  I didn't know where to begin, so I started on Amazon, cause I really wanted to gift a fun book, that didn't say READ ME, but one that screamed PLAY WITH ME instead.  Somehow, I landed on creative lettering.  

The nice part about shopping Amazon is the free help!  Usually every item has a  Customers who bought this item, also bought section and that always catches my attention.  That nudge and the Amazon Rank are both good guides when you're not quite sure what you want. I like seeing other products in the category, and of course reading the reviews.   

I ended up going with this book and these pens and this Land of Nod/PBteen-style
pillow at Tarjay. 

 During the search, I kept seeing this book and thinking ooooh pretty.

One day, I clicked and went to the writer's website and instagram

Which led to another and another.  So much cuteness!!

I am a big fan of typography and fonts and just looking through their portfolios and instagram accounts awakened a creativeness in me.  It made me want to write and doodle more myself!  I'm in awe of these ladies who have made their hobbies into a career and every little detail of their work helped me see a piece of my creative self that could use a little more attention and love.

And then I remembered this quote:

Find it here more of the message, here

I've seen this quote manifest in my life over and over.  

The No Brainer Wardrobe - By cleaning my closets and focusing on what outfits made me feel good, I found my sartorial style.  

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up:  - By trial and error, and purging in my house, I found I loooove cute knick knacks but I hate dusting.  So now I can confidently admire all the tchocthkes but not put them in my cart.  

And now I'm ready to tackle my creative side, it's here, I just need to create more, in order to see it.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Hello August

Today I'm sharing a little of what's going on in this neck of the woods.  

I used the IKEA hem tape on the family room curtains and because a certain little girl (Kya!)  always hides in them she kicks it out of place.  It only takes 10 mins or so to re-iron them back into place, but it takes me weeks to get the iron downstairs for the 10 min fix.  The curtain was banged up for a hot minute, so I thought I'd retrain it.  Jussssst another trick I learned from bloggers :)

This is the hall dresser, my bedroom is to the left, but I'm standing in Kya's bedroom taking this pic. I bought the cute industrial vintage looking tray from Decor Steals, set of 2, $35.  [That's a deal of the day site for rustic/farmhouse/industrial/shabby chic/vintage reproductions.]  Shipping is always $5 dollars, no more, no less, anymore and I would cringe.  
Anyhoo, I planned to use it here in the hallway and once it got there, it just didn't wow me, so I set off tweaking...

I ended up adding a LindsayLetters print from Jones Design Co.  The glass was broken so the frame and art was sitting in a bedroom unused, I removed the glass and put the art to work.  You betta work!! 

In case you're curious, this dresser contains:
Top drawer - Odds and ends for hanging art work, minor household repair stuff
2nd drawer: Miscellaneous art work, old calendars used for artwork, artwork not currently being used
Third drawer: tissue boxes, nebulizer
Fourth/Fifth drawer combo: Greeting cards, household files

I can't imagine that dresser will be shiny sky blue for long.

The basket on the right has books I didn't like on the dresser + extra blanket + duster + 5 lb weights I need to tighten the flab on these arms :) 

I'm still working on my vignette skills but they coming.  I'm on my minimalist vibe y'all and loving it.   Less is best.  Less is more.  Yep all of it, I'm just not sure that applies to shoes though.  What is it about shoes that make my heart go all pitter patter.  

For my Dad, it's hats.
For my sons, sneakers.
For my daughter, knick knacks.
For my husband, hmmm. Under Amour?  Cause he is mad stocked.   
Go figure.

Thanks for dropping in.