Monday, July 18, 2016

Summer Haps

Kya: Mom, your plant was knocked over
Me: What plant, which plant?
Kya: Out front
Me: Oh. I thought you were gonna say the one having babies next to the couch.  

I love babies.  Chubby babies, crawling babies, sleeping babies, even plant babies.  When I saw these sprouts branching out over the weekend they made me smile.  

Reminds you of Spring, fresh starts, and hope.
(The Wheatfield on etsy, aka KatieDaisy, why do i know this?)

Lots of hope, thoughts and prayers for better tomorrows these days, waiting on the world to change. 

Not sure if I mentioned but they opened a HomeGoods next door to Marshalls near me.    Surprisingly, I haven't gone hog wild and spendy, but I did get these white frames a few weeks back, $5 each.  I've been moving them around the house, testing them out.  But they look the best here in the master bath, together.    

And even though the frame is square, the mat is a rectangle and that's been a little tricky.  I've been procrastinating on adding art, I printed some butterflies to frame, but I'm not sure about the colors in here.  Decisions, decisions, first world problems.

And believe it or not, I'm back in school, kinda.  Re-learning Algebra, this time with my son on  So this site offers free online classes and I have to say for free, I am rather impressed (and I am picky!)  My course is taught via interactive video and each topic finishes with a review, also known as a quiz.  I haven't been inside a real classroom in 20+ years (gasp!) - but so far it's been good.  I've always enjoyed learning it's the remembering that's my problem.  Oy!

Thanks for dropping in.

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