Monday, July 18, 2016

Summer Haps

Kya: Mom, your plant was knocked over
Me: What plant, which plant?
Kya: Out front
Me: Oh. I thought you were gonna say the one having babies next to the couch.  

I love babies.  Chubby babies, crawling babies, sleeping babies, even plant babies.  When I saw these sprouts branching out over the weekend they made me smile.  

Reminds you of Spring, fresh starts, and hope.
(The Wheatfield on etsy, aka KatieDaisy, why do i know this?)

Lots of hope, thoughts and prayers for better tomorrows these days, waiting on the world to change. 

Not sure if I mentioned but they opened a HomeGoods next door to Marshalls near me.    Surprisingly, I haven't gone hog wild and spendy, but I did get these white frames a few weeks back, $5 each.  I've been moving them around the house, testing them out.  But they look the best here in the master bath, together.    

And even though the frame is square, the mat is a rectangle and that's been a little tricky.  I've been procrastinating on adding art, I printed some butterflies to frame, but I'm not sure about the colors in here.  Decisions, decisions, first world problems.

And believe it or not, I'm back in school, kinda.  Re-learning Algebra, this time with my son on  So this site offers free online classes and I have to say for free, I am rather impressed (and I am picky!)  My course is taught via interactive video and each topic finishes with a review, also known as a quiz.  I haven't been inside a real classroom in 20+ years (gasp!) - but so far it's been good.  I've always enjoyed learning it's the remembering that's my problem.  Oy!

Thanks for dropping in.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Powder Room Independence

The bathroom cafe curtains were updated this week.  
Poor thing had one tier for months, my intention was to use the old one to measure the new one.  It just took a while.  
I found the fabric at JoAnns, reminds me of Marimekko. I didn't realize it when I bought it but the colors match the rug AND hand towel, what what :)  Obvs, I like dark gray tones.  The colors in the art are primary and they don't really "fit" my normal color faves so that may change one day, but I'm happy with the overall design and function of the room.
Here's an old pic of the powder room, same rug in there but I'm on the hunt for an expensive sisal one maybe. 

How about the curlycues on the curtain rod and the mismatched ring clips. Everything's a work in progress here, just like me.  

It's America's birthday today, three cheers for all the men and women who keep America Independent.  I celebrated with my favorite Veteran, Dear Ol' Dad, just sitting around listening to him talk, on and on and on, Dads :)