Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring Break

With polka dots on the brain but not wanting to spend money, I dug up my old white curtains (cheap muslin from JoAnns, I'm talking $2/yd), grabbed a tube of lilac paint (.79c) from Hobby Lobby and got to work.  Of course I did a quick search on pinterest for tips and hers seemed the simplest so I went with that.  What can I say, I like easy.  

If you are a perfectionist, these are perfect for you as polka dots are really forgiving   I thought I wanted a pattern, I so did not.  Just random polka dots using a pencil eraser tip was all I needed.  

You know what else is forgiving?  Chalkboard paint.  I knooow, it's everywhere.  But I thought it might be a fun addition in a pre-teen space for my kiddo.  Bonus, it's easily changed.  

My daughter is 9 and I'm fairly certain her style will change.  So while trying to make this her "dream room" (her words)... I am also keeping in mind that the dream/style/vision will likely change, alot.  

Our last hoorah for Spring Break weekend was the Franklin Institute Pixar exhibit in Philly. The Franklin Institute is an interactive museum, we went with the youngest two and I'm pretty sure everyone learned something new, lots to see and do, I highly recommend.  It does require interaction from the adults, lots of reading and explaining but also very engaging and fun.

How about my Action Figure :)

Also of note, is it me or did bloggers bust out with the cutest Easter goodies this year? Here are a few from Pinterest, I had to share: 

Bunny Bait Trail Mix: Loved the colors, and the mix of salty and sweet, yum.  I think I'd try something without peanuts as not to give any Moms a fright.  Perfect for a party goodie bag.

Bunny Toss:  I thought it was golf, ha ha!!  Who doesn't have a box laying around that wouldn't rather be a funny bunny for mini golfing or tossing?

Bunny Bean Bag Toss:  Again with the cardboard, but so cute!  The carrots require a little TLC but think of the cute photos and fun the kiddies will have.  If you put your mind to it, I'm sure the animal/shape can be customized to fit any occasion or holiday. 

Pin the tail on the bunny: Its a free download.  You know what would be fun, letting the grownups play, blind-folded of course :)

I've noticed at my family events that it's always good to have a few activities planned to break up the eating, sitting and TV time.  And, if you have a small budget for prizes, even better! Make some good memories, and remember I save all the best ideas from the interwebs on my pinterest party board.  Sharing is caring yo.

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