Monday, November 9, 2015

It's Holiday Season, y'all!

Have you seen this one? How funny is Will Ferrell.  

A few weeks ago my family suggested my house for Thanksgiving.  I graciously accepted, I think my exact words were "Bring It!!!"

After I sat down and thought about the food, I sent everyone a list on Sign Up Genius.  My daughters school uses this and it's genius.  You make a list of suggested items,  (you can also leave blanks) and everyone can go to the site and signup.  As the administrator you can edit for all those Aunties who don't use the internet  :)  

Perfect when you're hosting and don't want to manage on paper.  After the signup was complete, my brain went to All the Things!!!!

How will we set up the buffet?
How many people?
We need decor, this look, simple, cute.
Extra toilet paper!!!
Start picking up butter on every market trip.
Beverage station: coffee, punch, cordials.
Desserts table, a must
Take home containers
Lots of foil
Something special for the Littles?
Extra tables, extra chairs
Hand towels, paper towls
Hand soaps
Activities, Kid Activities
Charging station
Wifi password
Basement options 
Good weather

I have my hands full, did I miss anything?

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