Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How to create a zombie

followed this tutorial on Wikihow to make Kya a Zombie.  She really liked it, and told me "I was a really good zombie maker!"  (Isn't that what all Moms really wanna hear?)  Facial expression all her own.  

I added the wig since her braids didn't quite have the disheveled affect we were trying to achieve.  I grabbed everything from Goodwill, the blood (paint) we had on hand, I just mixed up some colors (red, black) and added water so it would be thin enough not to harden her shirt.  Pretty easy and cheap!

Dad was her escort as Jason from the old Friday the 13th thrillers. Quite the pair, I was a cat, but nobody took my picture, ijs.  

The weekend was pretty quiet.  We went to our local Amusement part for the Haunt Attraction, I did one haunted walk-thru and was ready to go.  It is so foggy you can barely see your hand in front of your face. People jumping out at you in scary clown faces, and people like that!  Not me, give me a comedy anyday.  

I borrowed a few discs from the library, SSN1 of The Good Wife and it made for good company as I finally sat down to finish the island stools that I started in over Summer.  

The were originally a light wood color, then red, then a soft yellow.  

They were everyone's favorite kitchen chairs, right at the island with all the action.  So when I saw them on sale at Target, I grabbed two more and we were back to being mismatched.  

Two yellow, two light wood.

Back in June, I used Annie Sloan's chalk paint in Pure White to give them a face lift.  I thought white would be good given we have the white counters and appliances but the stools were too much white, they stood out.  More paint to the rescue.

They would have been much easier to spray paint, with the four-sided legs and 8 round spindles on each, it was a process.  To get even coats, and full coverage, it took me about 3 painting sessions. I ended up using Annie Sloan's French Linen, I had it on hand from an old project (that still needs to be completed).  This stuff is easy to work with you just have to make the time.  The paint itself is almost fume free but the wax does have a little bit of a smell.  

All in all, it beats the sanding/painting/poly process for me.  Finally, all FOUR stools are back in the kitchen, in the same color - at your service!

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  1. You are a good zombie maker! lol. But seriously, you did a good job. And I love the color of the stools. No matter how long it takes, it still feels good when a project is completed.