Thursday, November 19, 2015

Favorite Things 2015

I have been dying to have a real-life Favorite Things Party, I just haven't put forth the real-life effort.  One day.

Well, that doesn't stop me from wanting to share my Favorite Things!!!  It's genuine advertising for all those little things that make our lives simpler as women.  Without further adieu...

The every day:
GAP Simple Pants 

Nothing fancy.  But when they arrived, I tried them on and haven't taken them off since.  I wear them errrrrday.

Lucky Brand Jeans - Lolita

This cut fits me great and make me feel good too.  I have them in skinny and boot cut, dark wash and light, thank you Lucky cause good jeans are hard to find.  

Audible - 
Books read aloud, I am hooked.  My to-do list just kept growing and growing.  I was not making the time to sit down and read, enter  I can listen at work, in the car, folding laundry, doing chores, so far, it's been three months and I'm enjoying it.   

The Treat Yo Self!!!

Pepperidge Farm - bordeaux

A simple crunchy sugar cookie.  I like to have them with a cup of tea/coffee and a good magazine/catalog.  It helps if the house is quiet and no one bothers you, it's a quality alone time snack.  

Graeter's Ice Cream - Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip (any flavor with the chocolate chips!)

For three years we lived in the GreatCinti area back in 2000, that is where this ice cream began.  I was homesick but THIS ice cream helped, so good. If my memory serves me right, liquid chocolate is poured in during the freezing process, so you never know what size chip you will scoop, could be a marble or a meatball.  They carry it at Fresh Market, good stuff. 

Other little favorite things - Target, HBO to GO, Netflix marathons, Apple products, wine, scarfs (still!!!), egg rolls, fried rice, Dunkin, Starbucks Vanilla Latte, crab cakes, dungeness crabs, french fries, sweet potato pie, Chipotle, pom poms, throw pillows, wicker baskets, mustard yellow, navy, monograms, Wendy's Spicy chicken sandwich, Mike and Ike's candies, Kork-Ease shoes, and TOMS, just to name a few ;)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

November Check-In

Over the weekend I consolidated two iphones (work and personal) into one.  

It was one of those things I put off forever but wasn't as bad as I thought.  I was worried about losing contacts, apps, music, pictures, etc.  Using really helped.  Then I had the genius idea to add my AppleID (work) to Family Sharing - I gained access to all my purchases on my personal AppleID. Huge sigh of relief.  Highly recommend if you want to share music, pics, apps between family members (or your work self, ha!).

I purchased fabric a few weeks ago at JoAnn's during a big sale, I'm really excited to bring something to life with it.  I'm heavily leaning toward a long pillow for my bedroom, I have been hella tempted to cheat and copy this one though (see it above).

Have you seen the viral video about Patti LaBelle's Pie?  I'm pleased to see the pie is doing well. We all need some light and humor amid all the darkness around the world right now.

In other news, I am off for 10 days starting Saturday - so excited for a little R&R.

Let's do this again soon. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

It's Holiday Season, y'all!

Have you seen this one? How funny is Will Ferrell.  

A few weeks ago my family suggested my house for Thanksgiving.  I graciously accepted, I think my exact words were "Bring It!!!"

After I sat down and thought about the food, I sent everyone a list on Sign Up Genius.  My daughters school uses this and it's genius.  You make a list of suggested items,  (you can also leave blanks) and everyone can go to the site and signup.  As the administrator you can edit for all those Aunties who don't use the internet  :)  

Perfect when you're hosting and don't want to manage on paper.  After the signup was complete, my brain went to All the Things!!!!

How will we set up the buffet?
How many people?
We need decor, this look, simple, cute.
Extra toilet paper!!!
Start picking up butter on every market trip.
Beverage station: coffee, punch, cordials.
Desserts table, a must
Take home containers
Lots of foil
Something special for the Littles?
Extra tables, extra chairs
Hand towels, paper towls
Hand soaps
Activities, Kid Activities
Charging station
Wifi password
Basement options 
Good weather

I have my hands full, did I miss anything?

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How to create a zombie

followed this tutorial on Wikihow to make Kya a Zombie.  She really liked it, and told me "I was a really good zombie maker!"  (Isn't that what all Moms really wanna hear?)  Facial expression all her own.  

I added the wig since her braids didn't quite have the disheveled affect we were trying to achieve.  I grabbed everything from Goodwill, the blood (paint) we had on hand, I just mixed up some colors (red, black) and added water so it would be thin enough not to harden her shirt.  Pretty easy and cheap!

Dad was her escort as Jason from the old Friday the 13th thrillers. Quite the pair, I was a cat, but nobody took my picture, ijs.  

The weekend was pretty quiet.  We went to our local Amusement part for the Haunt Attraction, I did one haunted walk-thru and was ready to go.  It is so foggy you can barely see your hand in front of your face. People jumping out at you in scary clown faces, and people like that!  Not me, give me a comedy anyday.  

I borrowed a few discs from the library, SSN1 of The Good Wife and it made for good company as I finally sat down to finish the island stools that I started in over Summer.  

The were originally a light wood color, then red, then a soft yellow.  

They were everyone's favorite kitchen chairs, right at the island with all the action.  So when I saw them on sale at Target, I grabbed two more and we were back to being mismatched.  

Two yellow, two light wood.

Back in June, I used Annie Sloan's chalk paint in Pure White to give them a face lift.  I thought white would be good given we have the white counters and appliances but the stools were too much white, they stood out.  More paint to the rescue.

They would have been much easier to spray paint, with the four-sided legs and 8 round spindles on each, it was a process.  To get even coats, and full coverage, it took me about 3 painting sessions. I ended up using Annie Sloan's French Linen, I had it on hand from an old project (that still needs to be completed).  This stuff is easy to work with you just have to make the time.  The paint itself is almost fume free but the wax does have a little bit of a smell.  

All in all, it beats the sanding/painting/poly process for me.  Finally, all FOUR stools are back in the kitchen, in the same color - at your service!