Sunday, October 18, 2015

Summer was too good.

Row 1: My Dad got married at 67.  He said it was THE happiest day of his life, to be surrounded by family on a joyous occasion.  (I dunno about that Dad, what about the day I was born?)
Row 2: The city next to us, Bethlehem, PA has one of the largest free musical festivals in America.  We didn't go for a long time but the shows have been better and we've been the last few years in a row.  Good (expensive) fair food, we've come to look forward to visiting at least one night.  This year we saw Seinfeld (he's 61!), Darius and Snoop.
Row 3: A few cloud shots that caught my eye, pretty amazing this life.    

Summer is my fave and I miss it already.  I quick checked my phone so I could share the current temperatures here.  

THIS.  Seriously?  Is that snowflake for snow, or just freezing temps?  That's exactly why I need to get this house in tip-top shape cause I need to live somewhere where there are less chances for snow in Mid-October.  Ay yi yi.

Here's to Winter going by just as quickly as Summer.

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