Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Without fail

Every year my younger sister runs around in a last minute panic for something to wear to a Halloween party.  And of course, I run to her rescue with Google or pinterest.com.  However, the last minute standbys -  just won't due.  She doesn’t want a GOOD costume, she wants a girly costume.  She’s 26 and single, I get it.  

So this year when costume pics began to surface on pinterest, I took the screenshots and started the process. 

I loved this one, cute and you don't have to explain your costume all night.

Big Bang Theory's, Sheldon & Amy.  Revenge of the Nerds Millennium Edition.

Wednesday Addams, The Addams Family
I kinda quit after this one because it was so appropriate.  She wears something black almost everyday.  Its a running joke. 

And this one was just too funny not to share. La Fawnduh and Kip would be a good costume.  When this movie came out, it caught me off guard.  I put it in the category with Forrest Gump, either you love it or hate it.  I love them both. 

This year my daughter has decided she wants to be a zombie, not a princess, Disney character or superhero - a zombie.  I wasn't quite ready for the shift but I started the process tonight...

Stay tuned.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Summer was too good.

Row 1: My Dad got married at 67.  He said it was THE happiest day of his life, to be surrounded by family on a joyous occasion.  (I dunno about that Dad, what about the day I was born?)
Row 2: The city next to us, Bethlehem, PA has one of the largest free musical festivals in America.  We didn't go for a long time but the shows have been better and we've been the last few years in a row.  Good (expensive) fair food, we've come to look forward to visiting at least one night.  This year we saw Seinfeld (he's 61!), Darius and Snoop.
Row 3: A few cloud shots that caught my eye, pretty amazing this life.    

Summer is my fave and I miss it already.  I quick checked my phone so I could share the current temperatures here.  

THIS.  Seriously?  Is that snowflake for snow, or just freezing temps?  That's exactly why I need to get this house in tip-top shape cause I need to live somewhere where there are less chances for snow in Mid-October.  Ay yi yi.

Here's to Winter going by just as quickly as Summer.