Friday, June 12, 2015


One of my resolutions this year was to stay up on the blog, be intentional.  I have no excuse, none. 

Life has been really good and life has been crap.

The really, really good.

Cancun TNT

I went to Cancun in early May with a college friend.  The sun was so so good, the open bar didn’t hurt. 

My daughter had her first dance recital.  I was a ball of nerves, she rocked it!

I got a big haircut.  HUGE.  I didn’t tell anyone, I was afraid I would chicken out but I did it and haven’t looked back.  Oddly, this week, I have been missing my puffy natural ‘fro, but the ease of short hair has been great for this season of my life.


And now, the crap. 

My PC died.  Over the last four years, I have purchased 3 batteries and 3 chargers, somewhere in there the charger finally decided to stop powering the battery.  So that fix was over.  I bought an Apple, I’m still learning. 

My cell phone fell in dishwater and died.  All the current options at AT&T require payment plans, FOR A PHONE, ugh.  It took me over a week to come to grips with this, I am now leasing to own a very expensive iphone6.

Our vet told us we need to think about the “quality of life” of our dog.  Heavy, heavy sigh. 

I wore a hole in my most favorite jeans in four months.  Not cool Lucky brands, not cool.  (I emailed them, they responded!)

I cleaned out my purse and realized I have been shopping too much.  I let the sale prices fool me.  I really don’t need another thing.  So, I have been purging the house, again.  How do we acquire so much crap?  More importantly, how do I keep allowing this to happen?

I just looked at some of my older posts on this blog, this has been a pretty cool way to journal.

Have a great weekend!

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