Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

For weeks, months even, I have been on the look out for a fireplace mirror.  Specifically something like Emily A Clark’s, it has just always caught my eye. 

RoundMirror emily 


36” diameter - Rafia


38”, banana plant, online only


36”, mango wood

I tried all the usual suspects, WestElm, PotteryBarn, Target, WorldMarket, local Goodwill.  And as per the usual, once you’ve begun a search, similar items will pop up in your ad sidebars.  So, I’ve been looking even when I wasn’t looking. 

But nothing fit my budget or comfort level with buying online.  I could not handle the idea of trying to return an oversized mirror ($$$) and I was really concerned about materials and size.  I can be picky, not Bridezilla picky, but picky nonetheless. 

Well Gang, on Friday, I got an email from PB, 15% off everything for your walls.  So, I quick looked again and the Wood Sun Mirror caught my eye. 

round mirror5

35" diameter, mango wood frame

It took me a good whiiiile to pull the trigger cause PB is not exactly cheap.  On sale $340, regular $399.  Whimper, whimper, whimper, my budget was closer to $250, preferably less. But as I get older, I realize something’s require top dollar, like good fitting jeans, cute comfortable shoes and a big ol’ mirror for your mantle. 

So, when the local store confirmed they had it in stock, the scales tipped.  No S&H and a hassle-free return (if needed).  Ok, still hesitant, but sold. 

After a little measuring yesterday, the mirror was up, honestly yall, it took less than 30 minutes.  I forgot to mention, the mirror came packaged with the necessary wall fasteners, looooved that!  No extra trips.  I really love the color, shape and details.  It definitely fits my neutral vibe and once I find some complimentary accessories, I think she’ll be fantastic in her new home. 



  1. Those mirrors are all beautiful, but I really like the one you chose. The way I see it, it's okay to splurge for something we really want sometimes. I did the same thing when I bought a pair of sconces for my living room. My husband thought I was crazy since they were $150.00 a piece and it's not like me to spend $300.00 on something like that, but I loved them. I'm really glad you treated yourself and every time you walk past that mirror, you're going to smile. That means it was totally worth it. You'll have to show us pictures of your mirror in a future post. Have a great weekend... :)

    1. Love the way you worded that because you're right. Sometimes you gotta treat yourself, not cheat yourself.