Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hi. Welcome.

This is the front of my house. At the bottom of the stairs is the front door.  If you’re standing at the door, facing in, go right, living room.  Go left, dining room.  I’m standing in the farthest corner of the living room.


One of the cool things about our house is the light, it comes in really good.


When I take pictures of items, I do it at the base of the stairs, preferably with the door open.  The light here gets the colors jussssst right, there is a big window above the door too.  It warms the floor and our dog likes to lay where the sunlight lands. 

A week or so ago, I switched the lamps here.  I never heard of switching your home around for the seasons until I began reading blogs.  Now all of a sudden, the black felt heavy for Spring and this one wasn’t being used so easy update.  I haven’t mastered the vignette so suggestions are welcome for the buffet.


That’s the chair I mentioned a while back with the IKEA bookshelves purchased earlier this year.  The pillow was being tested, I really liked the colors and style, helloo affordable IKAT, but it went back.  Mostly because it was a one-hit wonder, I couldn’t use it anywhere else and I genuinely did not need another pillow.  However, if you’re interested, Kohl’s.

I really don’t hear much about Kohl’s in blogland but it’s so close to me, I like to pop in.  You can get some steals there, always, always, always go armed with a coupon.  Here are some links for coupon apps, Weekly, RetailMeNot and Shopular, all free.  Kohl’s usually has a Sunday newspaper circular too.  PowRug PowRug2

I got these two rugs there for about $13 each, I wasn’t sure which would look better, the darker color won.  Although now I look and think the mustard doesn’t compete with the curtains. 

Also, if you are a makeup newbie like me, did you know you can try on their products, I love that!  So fact is, I’m on a drugstore budget, but what is up with the packaging???  The colors on the outside do not match what is in the container.  Many a mistake has been made, many a lip gloss tubes have been tossed.  Tragic.  So, yea at Kohls, you may pay a buck or two more, but it beats wasting $8 on a color that looks horrible on.  I know some of the big makeup stores let you try on product, but none are close to me, so Kohl’s it is. 

Plus, my daughter is usually my roadie and she likes to try-on stuff too, our girl time. 

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