Monday, April 20, 2015

Flowers for me


This weekend was a weekend about nothing…and it was fantastic.  The temperature hit 77 degrees (!!!) and all the sunshine gave me a burst of energy I haven’t had in years.  Years.

dahlia You see, the bulbs and seeds at the supermarket and home stores, somehow they find their way into my cart, but they never actually get in the ground.  That was until yesterday, I grabbed the box from the basement and got to work. 


I warned myself cause some of the seed were old, (like they expired 2008 old) and might not grow, but my optimism got the best of me.  I figured, shoot, some of them might grow and won’t that purrrdy.  I snagged that last one from the Dollar Tree of all places just last weekend, so the flowers have multiple price points and are available everywhere.  But I have no zero experience and don’t know if they will work, but we’ll see. 

A few quick notes before you set out yourself:

Tool suggestions:

- Gloves: I can’t do bugs or worms, so gloves were a must for me. 

- Hand shovel: It looks like a shovel but mini.  It was really helpful in digging up the soil in small areas.  I worked no larger than both my arms out for a hug, maybe 3x3. I  typically just patted the soil and mulch back on with my hands after the seeds were planted. 

- Soil:  I liked having the bag around to put fresh soil over the seeds, it felt like making them a comfy bed.  Not necessary tho. 

Where will these plants go?  Does that area of the yard get sun or shade?  I love hostas but my house gets full sun, so those don’t work for me here.  I have to look for seeds and plants that like full sun.  Don’t be discouraged, there really is variety for both. 

Do you like to change them up or are you happy with your faves?  If you like variety, you should get annuals, they require planting each year.  However, if you want to fix it and forget it think perennials, they give you a show year after year. 

And yall it seriously was so easy, most only required an inch or two of digging.  I’m genuinely excited to see what will come of it. 


  1. Same here need to get my herb garden going!

  2. Good luck. I am seriously considering perrenials this year. I am so over planting every year.