Tuesday, March 10, 2015

So many works in progress

snow cone machine

My snow cone table is coming to a close.  Yesterday, our area hit 40+ degrees and one good sunny day pretty much melted it all.  Today called for rain, so I’m pretty sure my slushy lemonade nights have come to a close.  Good thing warmer weather comes with that, heeeeey!

Kitchen Counter

This(!) has been the kitchen counter for far too long.  Coupons, magazines, catalogs, circulars and mail - all waiting to be sorted & purged.  Tonight, hopefully

Just after Valentines Day, the folks at LG came and pronounced our washer dead.  After weather delays the replacement was successfully installed yesterday.  So this week, no trip to the laundromat, although, I have to admit it was a good learning experience for my children. 

Real quick, Pottery Barn is a catalog fave.  I have borrowed their books at the library multiple times.  I was pleasantly surprised when I found their books on Amazon today for .01 (plus $4 s&h), .01!!  Yes, they are used, but these are sturdy hardback books for a penny.  I know physical media is on a decline but if you like to finger through pages check it out, they are great for inspiration.

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  1. Pottery Barn book?!!! Need to check Amazon stat! Glad you have a working washer again.