Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Yesterday, I looked over my ToDos for January and too many were moved into February.  The even bigger problem is there are only has 4 days left this month. 

I was aiming to get one room per month purged, cleansed, organized and somewhat decorated.  Of course, some rooms will require a bit more time & money but this month I haven’t made any headway at all, hangs head in shame.  Honestly, I haven’t really done much but pin.  Somehow, I do manage to squeeze that in.  The one good thing about pinning, if you pay attention you might notice a pattern.







Apparently, I like neutrals.  This does not really come as a big surprise to me as this is very similar to my wardrobe.  Boring right?  Trust me, I know.  It’s just, I prefer my color in small doses, i.e accessories. 

So, I mentioned before about the chevron curtains from Westelm.  But lately they have been grating me, (you have to imagine me saying that with my eyes fluttering and dragging out the word graaaaating, like that, haha).  The olive walls mixed with the oakyness of my bedroom furniture and it is just not my style.  So today, I’ve been rethinking the entire room.  Trying to figure out how to make it more ME but also making the best of what we have. 

And the days are numbered on those curtains.  


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Social Media for the win!


photo from Humans of NY

I love this story, Ms. Lopez is a rock star!

The story starts with Vidal and it’s been building momentum every sinceThis is using social media for the win, please share.