Monday, January 12, 2015

What I’m watching


One of my goals this year is to see more movies.  I’ve even started looking for podcasts & blogs to follow to keep me in the know.  (None I would recommend just yet.)

This weekend’s goal was to see SELMA.  And here is my review if you care to read.

The Cast:  Excellent chemistry.  Really convincing look-a-likes. See for yourself.

The Tempo:  Well paced, I hate when a story rushes to the climax, timing really is everything. 

The Story:  I kinda stink at History & Geography.  I am always nervous that my ignorance will be revealed and cause me some sort of public embarrassment.  That said, I actually knew about the televised SELMA March that exposed the violence in the South during the Civil Rights Movement.  (fyi, if your chicken like me, thankfully, it doesn’t get too graphic)

This time around, the story on MLK feels more personal, there’s some humor and a general insight into his personality and political tactics.  It wasn’t a sad story, where you leave angered and frustrated, it was more informative and insightful.  A $12 trip back in time. 


  1. Good to know. I hadn't heard any reviews about Selma yet. Glad to know there isn't a lot of violence. The images of German Shepherds attacking innocent protesters really disturbs me.

  2. I LOVED the movie. I saw it last weekend and I was floored at how amazing it was. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. And since I knew about a lot of the events that lead to that march is was nice to visually see it. Great review

    Kay of Pure & Complex