Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How full is your bucket


2014 really wore me out.  I caught a terrible cold twice in a matter of weeks, complete with a nasty cough, aches and pains.  (In hindsight, that should have been my warning to slow things down, I hadn’t been sick in years.)  By mid-December, I was feeling pretty burnt out, full of intention but zero initiative. 

Within the last week, I remembered this book, it was a definite AHA! moment, my bucket was empty.  Creating, crafting, decorating, picture-taking, baking, DIYing – that all does it for me, it fills my bucket and I had slowed it way down.

So over the weekend, I cleaned out my purse(!), baked this and this and it just felt good.  Not to mention the house smelled ah-mazing. 

So here’s to 2015.  And to all my unfinished projects, Look out! I’m back, hopefully.


  1. I hope you are back as well and glad you are better! Happy New Year!

  2. Girl, you need to get on back for real!!! Happy New Year

    1. So sweet, thanks for your encouragement!

  3. Sometimes it good to step away to realize how much you've missed doing the things you truly enjoy! Hope you find your groove!!! LOL!!