Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Don’t sleep on calendars

airplane wall

“If you want your house to feel homey, put something on the walls.”  Ask me where I read that, no idea.  But decorating your walls does help cozy up the place, art and curtains, imo.  Do you agree?

I’ve peeped a few bloggers framing calendar pages, wall art on the cheap.  Calendars are economical and they offer great variety.  There are calendars for everything!  Hobbies, cars, sports, sports teams, movies, tv, comics, spirituality, art, pets, cartoons, cities, there are plenty of categories to choose from.  PLUS, if you’re anything like me, your tastes will change, no worries, switch it out, no hard feelings, $20 bucks.

Since calendar season is upon us, I figured I’d re-share those little tidbits.  So, I dug around for some examples on the blogosphere:

DecorAllure, Airplanes, above

Holly Mathis, Butterflies

Good Housekeeping, Botanicals

Creative Soul Spectrum, Pretties from PaperSource

Pepper Design Blog, Rifle Paper Co.

Young House Love, Rifle Paper Co.

You can find calendars everywhere these days.  There is always a calendar kiosk at the mall during Christmas season, Barnes and Noble stores already have theirs out,,, I’ve even seen them at the Dollar Store.  There is just no excuse not to begin cozying up your place. 


  1. I love that wall with the different airplanes. That is too cute. I also followed the links you provided and although I liked them all, the pictures in the hallway on Young House Love was probably my next favorite... :)

    1. Agreed, YHL did some things really well.

  2. That a great idea! I've never thought to do that before. I've seen some really nice scrapbook paper from Paper Source framed as well.