Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Don’t sleep on calendars

airplane wall

“If you want your house to feel homey, put something on the walls.”  Ask me where I read that, no idea.  But decorating your walls does help cozy up the place, art and curtains, imo.  Do you agree?

I’ve peeped a few bloggers framing calendar pages, wall art on the cheap.  Calendars are economical and they offer great variety.  There are calendars for everything!  Hobbies, cars, sports, sports teams, movies, tv, comics, spirituality, art, pets, cartoons, cities, there are plenty of categories to choose from.  PLUS, if you’re anything like me, your tastes will change, no worries, switch it out, no hard feelings, $20 bucks.

Since calendar season is upon us, I figured I’d re-share those little tidbits.  So, I dug around for some examples on the blogosphere:

DecorAllure, Airplanes, above

Holly Mathis, Butterflies

Good Housekeeping, Botanicals

Creative Soul Spectrum, Pretties from PaperSource

Pepper Design Blog, Rifle Paper Co.

Young House Love, Rifle Paper Co.

You can find calendars everywhere these days.  There is always a calendar kiosk at the mall during Christmas season, Barnes and Noble stores already have theirs out,,, I’ve even seen them at the Dollar Store.  There is just no excuse not to begin cozying up your place. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Talking fashion, what’s your style?

your style

Boho, Chic, Couture, Bold, Sporty, Glam, Preppy, Goth, Earthy, Urban, Classic, Vintage?

I could never name them all.  There are so many different fashion styles because there are so many different types of people.

Over the past few years, I have added some style blogs to my reader.  They have been really helpful in helping me to discern my own style as well as what is not my style.  Blogs have actually helped me in the same way with decorating my home.

Last week, I read an ebook titled, The No Brainer Wardrobe, (there is also a free 30 day series on her  blog).  It was a good (and easy) read, 30-45 minutes tops. The ebook is not about adopting her style, but more about understanding your own shopping, styling habits and how to do better.  I thought she made some excellent points, that helped me access my wardrobe and save a few bucks.  Here are two:

- Have a "go to" outfit for days when you don't have time/energy to put something new together.  Cause when you look good, you feel good, right?

- Create your own look book. For the first time (ever?) I tried on stuff this weekend in different combinations to see what worked together and what didn't.  This was very helpful, I ended up returning $80 bucks in unworn tops that didn't really work like I had intended.  Right there, I saw my return on the investment. 

That was the biggest success for me, changing my thinking and making sure my clothes could do double duty, and not just perform as one trick ponies.  I definitely recommend it and if you are interested in a style blog that helps you remix your wardrobe check out Audrey at Putting Me Together

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

TV Armoire


(I pixelated our friend Mike, it seemed like the right thing to do)

This first pic is from Circa 2008ish, my boys are so young.  Look at my house, so different, right?  Same sofa though.

I couldn’t find a full frontal picture but this is the armoire where our TV used to live, over on the right.  The armoire was a nice medium wood stain, not too dark, not too reddish.  It had two smaller shelf units on the sides.  One of those TV entertainment centers everybody had for tube tvs. 

At some point, I spray painted it black.  But eventually we donated the tube TV and upgraded to something that used less space.

We moved the armoire to the front of the house in the living room, outta sight outta mind, and there it sat.

I tried to sell it on craigslist.  No luck.  So many reasons why I suppose, one of the bottom doors was broken?  It’s old school? It’s not easy to pick up and take away?  Everyone’s trying to get rid of one? 

Armoire now

One day, I decided to try and use it around the house.

I switched it with a smaller armoire that was already in the dining room, bought baskets from Target and here she sits. 

Armoire Games 

Recently we added a shelf so I could get even more storage.  It keeps all the family games, playing cards and crafts accessible.  The bottom baskets hold project supplies I’m working on or clutter I just want to hide quick. 

It’s not a forever spot but for now it’s working. 

I quick looked on pinterest and my most favorite armoire reuse would be as a bar, now why didn’t I think of that!