Sunday, August 3, 2014

Using a list


For the past few weeks, I have made a habit of using a List, and sticking to it.  I can’t believe how helpful it is at home and work, I can’t remember why I stop using them cause I always go back.  Using a list has really helped me stay focused, because I am easily sidetracked. 

My list keeper is just a boring planner provided by work, but here are some cute lists you can print: cute, cute, cute.  And since school is approaching, a simple b&w composition book would do, or you can doll one up.

I just ebayed (is that a word?) some things I’ve been meaning to get listed for months!  It feeeels so good.  Hence, why I’m on the PC, that dang ipad is da devil, too easy. 

What else is new? hmmm, Bath and Body is giving away product…Right now they insist on giving away 2 if you buy 3, so I snagged a new scent….French Lavender and Honey.  It takes me fooooorever to choose a new scent.  It can’t itch my nose, it can’t be too sugary sweet and also not too perfumey.  So, I’m anxious to try it on full body for a full day, I hope it’s a good match to my own body scent.  Fingers crossed.

Other than that, I am enjoying Summer.  Hope you are too!