Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Well Hello.

Yesterday marked 10 months that I've been absent from the blog.
I have 4 words for you.  
I had a baby!!!
Mothering teenagers is exhausting.
Not kidding.  That part is 100% true.

Between the kids and all the magazine ready shots on pinterest, I just lost my voice and became a spectator.  So lame.  Hanging my head in shame.  

Really lame, because I really miss creating.  And sharing.
So with that said, I'm really gonna try better and harder and stronger.

That quote hit the nail on the head.

Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. Beautifully stated...and true for me too. Hopefully I can join you in getting my blogging groove back. Cheering you on from Idaho. :)

  2. This quote is wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Found your blog through decorating cents!!

    1. Aww Erin, thank you for the comment. I have already been scolding myself (again) for flaking out on the blog. But believe it or not, I have been researching all week new tutorials on how to give the Ol' Blog a face lift. I am gonna pop over to your blog, rightaboutnow :)