Monday, February 25, 2013

Say ‘ello to my Swedish friend

You have to say that in your best Tony Montana voice.  You know, Tony Montana from Scarface. 
Anyway, after our last snafu with the IKEA cabinets, we went back and snagged this Besta model.
I love that it is practically dust-free and holds the blankets. Oh yea. 
I am very happy with it thus far.  Ours is missing the feet, the expensive feet.   Ikea recommends 5 pair for this model, 5x10 = $50.  Ugh, I bought them, I just can’t bring myself to add them, not until I am certain I can’t find something better (and less expensive). 
The purpose of the trip was to grab the smaller cabs to fit in here, the bonus room/study/den/craftroom.  I am still working on getting it clean and ready to use.  Don’t you love a great before and after, I sure hope I’ll have one for you.  This poor room hasn’t looked good for 7 years, ever.  It’s always been the dumping grounds for stuff.
But for now I have been purging old crap.  Purging crap is cleansing for the soul.  Your brain and body both agree that some stuff is just stuff and it’s ok to let it go… feels so good to let it go and free up your mind for something else more worthy.
Ok before I go, did you know, there are only a few days left for a seasonal favorite…… Girl Scout Cookies! I bought some today (again) - Thank you’s (cause they’re the perfect thank you/thinking of you gift), Lemonades & Thin mints.  Mmmmmmm.  I’m hearing they freeze well, I just may have to test that theory. 
Tell me what’s your favorite flavor?  Mine is Thin Mints, hands down.  But if they ever bring back the chocolate chip, I’d go chippy all they way.  Alright, gotta go, my age is showing, because really who else remembers the chocolate chip Girl Scout Cookie?
P.S.  Have you seen this little guy, adorbs.  I could kiss ‘em, LIKE A BOSS!


  1. I can comment now, yay! (lol) . I love the cabinet , sharp! I agree dustless and the extra places to hold your blankets, veeery nice!

    Thanks for letting us into your world of decor. Great job! Take care.

  2. Wow, love the new cabs! I'd have a hard time paying that much for feet, too.

  3. Don't cha just love IKEA! Your cabinet looks great. I bet you love all that extra storage.