Monday, February 11, 2013

Clean Counters Club

Have you heard the saying that clutter attracts clutter.  It’s true (at least it is for me).  For the time being, I’ve set up a little sorting station in my bedroom of all places.  But I do have a master plan in mind. 
Clutter bedroom
I bought that cheapie blue organizer from Target for $3, now I just have to narrow down my filing categories.  You know what doesn’t help, the fact that I save ev-ery-thing;  birthday cards, holiday cards, kids art, kids report cards, tickets to parks, tickets to shows, maps from parks, hotel keys, hotel maps, I’m a hoarding mess.  I am working on it.
And then there is the office/bonus room/study/den.
We specifically requested that alcove, wall cubby thingy.  The husband was to build a shelf.  6 years later….no shelf.  In his defense, we went to IKEA last weekend and bought some AKURUM pieces that fit perfect, on paper.  We put it together this weekend and it was 1/4in-1/2in too big.  I could have cried. 
After the mock tears, we decided to try it in the family room.  (I’m just noticing this room gets great light even at night)
Lengthwise it is perfect, nicely centered.  And I also like that there is only one area to dust – the top.  I even picked out some living room appropriate drawer pulls over at Anthropologie
The only caveat is the depth, it’s great for holding blankets, baskets, etc.  but it takes up a lot of space coming away from the wall :/   It’s deep.
I spent some time today researching different cabinets combos while trying to use the most of what we already have.
36 (already have) + 15+18 = 71 (3 inches breathing room)
36 (already have) + 21+12 = 71 (3 inches breathing room)
I haven’t done the $$$ total yet though on the different options.  But the hardest part will be convincing The Man of the House.  Because if I remember correctly last night he said, ‘this thing cannot be moved, so don’t even think about it’He knows me too well. 
What have you been up to, any unofficial resolutions for clearing clutter?


  1. Clutter drives me nuts too. I have a junk drawer in my kitchen for stuff that has no home. Problem is instead of clearing the stuff out, I keep adding to it. Hope you are able to get your shelves up and free up some of your counter space. I love your bonus room btw. Love your artwork and all that light!

  2. Hooray for corralling clutter. You're off to a fantastic start. :)