Thursday, January 3, 2013

Oh snaps, Happy New Year!

I was home for eleven days over the Christmas Holiday with the family and let me tell you, it was glor-i-ous.   

But before we each headed back into our day-to-day rigmaroles, I shared the above print along with this post on each pillow.

In short, go forth and prosper, make it epic....not when you move, not when lose 5 pounds, not when you get more followers, not when you get more money, not when you have kids, not when you get a new car, not when you get a new job, not when the kids move out, not when you move to a new house, sometimes we live behind excuses.  

But tomorrow isn't promised, life is about living, why not start now.

Happy 2013, let's make it EPIC ;)


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