Monday, January 7, 2013

A tip for hanging frames…

You know how some frames have those two triangle thingies to attach the frame to the wall.
Did you know you can use a piece of inexpensive wire to attach the two triangle thingies to form one attachment.  This way one you only need to measure once (so less exactness, less margin for error) and it also  means only one hole in the wall, double bonus. 
I found this tip on a frame I bought from the Goodwill. 
I found that floral wire works,  I double or triple it.  I’ve used this tip at least twice since!  A tip that good, I had to share.
I bought this print on Black Friday for 50% off; seeing as how this one was still incomplete a year later. 
It’s already up and I love it.  Mostly, I just love having one less thing to do.  

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