Thursday, January 24, 2013

The time where we did Disney in January.

We've been hanging out with the Mouse and his peeps down in Orlando.

I didn't take my camera, I just didn't want that job.

In hindsight, I should have borrowed a smaller one to take some good shots.  (But my idea of a vacation is no worries and I would have fretted about losing or damaging someone else's camera.)

Here are my hits and misses:

- Disney is the master of eyecandy, for sure.
- I can not imagine changing diapers there among everything else.  Wait until they kids are potty trained at least - older if you can.
- Use the free perks (buses, monorails, parades, showtimes), etc. 
- It was the 3rd time for my boys (ages 13.5 & 16.5) yet they enjoyed it far more than Kya (age 6).  That really surprised me, I expected it the other way around.
- I didn't have a plan intentionally, but in hindsight I probably should have scheduled something princessy for Kya.
- Yessss, to Disney coasters.
- Yes to SeaWorld shows. 
- Download the waittimes app
- Flats, flats, flats, don't even think about your favorite wedges or heels.  
- Choose to either open the park or close it, not both.  
- Travel light.  "No bags lanes" get you in faster.  Staying onsite does too.
- Change your cast if you can, ex. one day it was me & the kids another it was me, Haik and Kya.  
- Grab a map at each park (can't believe this part wasn't paperless)
- We stayed about 7-10 miles out of Disney and even a nervous driver like me found it simple to navigate, with my friend Garmin of course.
- Disney bathrooms, casts and crews get 5 stars from me.  
- You are always 5-10 steps away from assistance.  All the parks were fully staffed at each interval. 
- Average was $10 for lunch meals (tenders/sandwich and fries), $5 snacks (popcorn, cotton candy, etc).  
- This was my 2nd time and I enjoyed it far more this time for sure.  I'd say it's because I participated (less worrying) and my kids were older.

Quick backstory: Upon arrival in the airport I walked alongside a family with a child who was getting over being sick.  That set the stage for my entire trip, helped me with a more positive perspective.

Anyone else have Disney plans in their near future? how about Hawaii, that's ones been on my wish list for a looooooong time.

Monday, January 14, 2013


After looking at some online pics today from last nights Golden Globes, I was so frustrated seeing an actress' rib cage revealed in a photo showing off the back of her dress.  

At first I wanted to re-post it, bad mouthing her and other celebs for overdoing this super skinny era we are living in.  Ugh to thinspo, it's gone too far, no?

I am just annoyed with our obsession with thin.  Myself included. 

But instead I will follow my own advice and stay positive.  I only wish to encourage all to find a healthy balance. For moderation is the key to life.

Thanks for dropping in.  I will climb off my soapbox now.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The time when I snowtubed over Christmas break..

I went with a No Excuses policy over Holiday break.  I decided to bake, color and be present with the kids. 
So when it snowed, I blew up the tubes and went out to play too.
Kya could not stop eating the snow!
The real fun was in the tubing.  The kids scouted out the hill with the most slip (in the neighbors yard) and they were off. 

No one took MY picture, but it was fun to join in. I slid down twice!  I would’ve gone more but I didn’t have anyone to hold my camera. 
I’m hoping to keep up the spirit, #lifeisshort, Cheers!

Monday, January 7, 2013

A tip for hanging frames…

You know how some frames have those two triangle thingies to attach the frame to the wall.
Did you know you can use a piece of inexpensive wire to attach the two triangle thingies to form one attachment.  This way one you only need to measure once (so less exactness, less margin for error) and it also  means only one hole in the wall, double bonus. 
I found this tip on a frame I bought from the Goodwill. 
I found that floral wire works,  I double or triple it.  I’ve used this tip at least twice since!  A tip that good, I had to share.
I bought this print on Black Friday for 50% off; seeing as how this one was still incomplete a year later. 
It’s already up and I love it.  Mostly, I just love having one less thing to do.  

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Oh snaps, Happy New Year!

I was home for eleven days over the Christmas Holiday with the family and let me tell you, it was glor-i-ous.   

But before we each headed back into our day-to-day rigmaroles, I shared the above print along with this post on each pillow.

In short, go forth and prosper, make it epic....not when you move, not when lose 5 pounds, not when you get more followers, not when you get more money, not when you have kids, not when you get a new car, not when you get a new job, not when the kids move out, not when you move to a new house, sometimes we live behind excuses.  

But tomorrow isn't promised, life is about living, why not start now.

Happy 2013, let's make it EPIC ;)