Monday, October 22, 2012


love me

I feel like this proverb describes my marriage, except at the end I would change it to say, “…because that is when I need it the most.” 

I would love to know how Haikeem tolerates me without whining, I would honestly see if he had extra so I could bottle it up and sell it – it’s gold.  I am grateful for our love, however wonky, it works. 

Listen.  It ain’t always rainbows and unicorns ‘round here, in fact, it’s never rainbows and unicorns.  But lately, I find that we are at this stage in life when love is either sticking or it’s not.

I had Kadir, almost exactly 9 months after I got out of college, so many of our oldest friends don’t have kids his age and everyone we meet nowadays has small children.  What makes it even more difficult is when a family in our circle breaks up.


It’s hard on everyone, especially when all you want is for everyone to just be happy.  Together or apart, whatever works. 

Everything I thought I knew about LOVE keeps.on.changing, it keeps right on challenging and teaching me at every turn.  I have had to eat my words in my own relationship a lot, with no regrets.  I’ve learned that everyone has a different tolerance for pretty much everything but you have to do what works for you and go with your gut.


Sunday, October 21, 2012





could the sky have been any more perfect?


hayrides, a rite of passage.

free to pumpkin to patch.  you pick your pumpkin, they weigh it and charge you by the pound.






Pennsylvania is a big farm town, lots of red barns and lots and lots of corn stalks, at every turn.  I’m so used to the corn now, I forget they are not an everywhere kinda thing.


That’s your 2012 ABE tour.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I craft’d a fair and I liked it…

This past Saturday, my friend and I braved our first craft fair.

Did I sell out. no.  Did I sell anything?  why yes.

photo 1

sign at home

I named our table, xo. handmade

My main product was rice warmers and I didn’t sell any, boo.  (good thing they make great gifts)   Earlier in the week, I released myself from the pressure to sell a certain amount and that allowed me to have a good time.  Which I did.

We were next to a table that sold seasonal flags for outside your home, not hand crafted but they get 10 bonus points for knowing their market.  The flags were 5 for $20 and she sold a TON!  It was the running joke of the day for us, that she was kicking our arse in sales. 

Slow sales made for a loooooooong day, but it was a great experience. 

full table

I couldn’t find my phone before we left at 7:15am (!!!!!)  so I had zero pictures.  I don’t know how to describe the feeling of being vulnerable to the world,  “Oh please like my stuff, please world please.  Not only like it - buy it, too, please”

Oddly enough, customers wanted to buy what wasn’t for sale – the chalkboard, the “HEY” pennant, and that feeling was BOSS!  It was like a pat on the back for having style.

We even had some people ask for our card, they wanted to know if we owned a boutique/shop. HA! HA!  It was our first time, so I took it as a compliment.  We were both pleased with our table of one of a kind goodies.

I earned enough to cover the cost of the table and I really want to try it again.  I will definitely do it again.

2012:   Try a table at a craft fair.  Check.

I talk about sending/receiving happy mail and This is why!


My nephew turned 3 today. 

I took a chance on Captain America at Marshalls.   Can you see the HAPPY and JOY in his smile!!!  Money well spent, his joy lit up my afternoon.

Who doesn’t like receiving a little love from Mr. Postman? 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sending Papi Chulo some sunshine..

I have been saying Papi Chulo forever, and just now googled it. 

Urban Dictionary: A Spanish word describing an attractive male that dresses well.

I guess it kinda fits, I was referring to my Dad.  He celebrated his 64th birthday last week.  I wish I had a good pic of him to share, I really have to get on that.   He is in great health (thank God) and I am very fortunate to have him.

I wanted to share his gift, I got the idea from pinterest, original page here


I just found this photo, Kya musta been taking pictures of her pretzel and got me in the background. 

For the gift, Kya painted the box….


and I filled it….




we make a good team!

Sending happy mail, is my fav.

Thanks for stopping by…


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Baby shower favors

When I’m crafting, energy just comes. 
I have a baby shower on Saturday and I am to bring the favors.  Since the Momma loves her chocolate, her bestie thought chocolate bars would be perfect.  Who am I to argue?
I was able to get a complimentary pass to BJs (ask nicely and smile) where I scored a box of 36 bars for $20 bucks, I needed two.
To make these you will need:
Patterned paper or access to a color printer  (You can draw polka dots on a green background like I did)
Ribbon/Yarn/Twine, whichever you fancy
Scissors/Paper cutter
Hole Punch
Tape or stickers
You don’t even need a super clean kitchen counter.
- Print out your labels, cut them up.
- Take one of the candy bar wrappers and use it as a template to cut out your new wrappers.  The standard size is 5.5x5.25, just ask google.  (Full disclosure, this part I did on Monday night.   Everything else, I did last nite).
- Take one ribbon and wrap it around the bar to see how long you need it.  Use this as your template and cut, cut, cut.  It goes fast.
When all your supplies are prepped.   You’re ready to start the assembly!
First wrap the candy bars in the new patterned paper.
After they are all wrapped, you can add the embellishments.  My fav!  I had a helper.  Of course.
Try to get one who lets you listen to YOUR favorite Pandora station, not hers.
‘Do you want, Katy Perry or Adele?’  ha ha
She put little sticky hearts on the tags for me while I wrapped and wrapped and wrapped.
Then I tagging while she ate dinner and did her homework.
Took me about two hours, it goes by so fast if you have all the supplies prepped and don’t watch TV, just Pandora.
My heart was full and I was happy (and proud!), cause I think they are cute.
So the next time there is a shower coming, raise your hand to do the favors, easy peasy.
btw…it’s 6:44a here and it is pitch black outside, reason #9072 I’m angry with the Fall. 
Tonight is Red Lobster Shrimpfest with the girls, I try to get there once a year, the scampi and biscuits, yummmm.