Friday, August 31, 2012

Pennsylvania, love hate.

summer please


I seriously get all pathetic, every year, when people start mentioning the “F” word.  See here and here.  Like annoyed and it’s everywhere, people really love FALL.

We should just move already.  Cause I don’t wanna hear another word about sweaters.  More long days and bright flowers and water parks and short sleeves and sandals and SuNSHiNe!

I would move to Florida in a heartbeat.  Take me now Sunshine state.  Take me now.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

DIY 1st birthday gift :)


I saw this on pinterest and thought it would be cute to make one for a first birthday party this weekend.  We can’t make the party but I wanted to get baby a gift since:

a) I never followed through on a shower gift I’d intended.  Bought the stuff, never completed.

b) They have plans to hit Disney next month

I took to google, printed out the Mickey Ears and was ready to go.  Only my printed out image and letters were disproportionate to the little t-shirt. 

I wasn’t up to playing with font resizing and reprinting to get perfection.   My dear friends that would have only lead to yet another incomplete project.

So, I played around with the Mickey ears in different spots on the t-shirt…



and found that I liked this position.  I had some black fleece on-hand from yet another incomplete project, (but any soft black fabric would work).

I tried to machine sew it, but that turned out to be a hot mess since I wanted it to appear in the pocket and I’m a rookie with sewing curves on jersey.

Long story short, I hand sewed it in less than an hour and I love it :)  I’m gonna grab a cute board book to go with and call it done. 

This post link to more incompleted projects than completed ones. Ha!

I get a sweet rush giving gifts add in I enjoy making things with my hands.   It was a win-win for me.

How about you, do you get a rush giving gifts?  Or do prefer to receive them? 


Sunday, August 19, 2012


Did you watch the US win the Gold in Olympics basketball last Sunday? 

Chalana the late sleeper got up and tuned us in. 


Sometimes I get so frustrated about the division here in the US, it was nice to see guys who normally play against each other come together and bring one home.  Not to mention my dude was picked to play, hey boo! 


…this guy is actually my favorite baller.

He wants to be taller and faster and more muscular, but really he is perfect.  Yea, I’m jaded. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kinda Camping




They put the tent up in the backyard, and Kya and Haik slept in it - all night.

Chalana and I were for sure she wouldn’t make it til midnite, but she did us one better, she made it till Haik woke up her in the morning. 


This picture is silly but it’s them in the tent that night from my bedroom window (if I get too close, I get hives, lol).  Pitch Blackness with a flashlight.


And that’s all I have to say about that Winking smile

Another Experience

Kya was really interested in doing another experience (experiment).  So last Friday, we got to it.


If you want to try this at home, you’ll need corn starch, water and a bowl.  That’s it.


little bit at a time..


corn starch, then water, repeat..until it’s the consistency of honey (I think?)



They couldn’t keep their hands out of it.  I didn’t see the big deal? Until I tried it. 


His face says it all. 

It’s a solid, you can form a ball with it in your hands, then it just melts (like above).  I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it myself, it was pretty cool and I am not a huge science fan.

You have to see this in video for the full effect, it’s a few seconds, short and sweet…

cornstarch quick sand–15 seconds

We tried it in a smaller bowl for the quick sand effect.  If you put your finger in the mixture fast, it’s a solid barrier and your finger bounces off.  But if you put your finger in slow, you get right through and actually feel a little resistance when you pull your finger out.  Weeeeeird and cool, the kids loved it and made a hot mess.


They recommend that you do not put this mix down the drain.  We let the messier parts dry up overnight and used a vacuum to clean it up in the morning. 

Good times. Good Times.



Monday, August 13, 2012

Musikfest, part 2



Daughtry, from American Idol, was there last night at the paid venue.  P8113892_thumb[7]

a ton of junk food.  deep friend, e’rything.



did I mention live music – with instruments? not the junk on the ra-did-de-o.  this lady was the lead singer and she was feeling it, so was i. 



that corn I talked about, good googamooga it was good.



don’t mind if I do.


my baby stister and my babies.


me, alpha and omega.  my middle was hanging with friends. haik was on a beer run. (btw, stay high is skater jargon, we are a drug free family)


I was so madd I was out of tickets when I saw these shishkabobs.  they smelled soo soo delicious.






oh, hello drummers, I didn’t see before.


I was fiddling with the camera, shooting motion is hard! love this one though.



bye bye musikfest and kind musikfesters.



haik brought home a cherry struedel.  there was a rotating line in the house for a slice.



I thought the guitar art on the cup was cute.

oh beloved musikfest, we really enjoyed ourselves. can’t believe we’ve waited 7 years to attend.  see ya next year, for sure (god willing).