Monday, December 3, 2012

Since You've Been Gone....

I haven't been right since Sandy.
I've just been off kilter, unable to find balance.  
All first world problems...I know. waaa waaa waaaa.

In the past few weeks:
I just made it to get coffee and I was rear-ended at the light, in hubbys car. 
My Eagles have been suckyyyy, 3-9.  I never hear the end of it.
We went to a party 74 miles away, my middle son went to a school dance and missed his ride home.  A teacher drove him home. And the best parents award goes to....
Kya has strep. Ugh.  
Dying Keurig coffee brewer.  
Dog needs shaving but freaks out at groomer.  Dog hair dust bunnies - everywhere at home.
Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Retreats, more Birthdays,  Sometimes it's all just too much. 

{insert silver lining}

There are so many things to be thankful for and to look forward to:
New year, woot woot!
Kya's birthday! woot woot woot!
ABCfamily's 25 Days of Christmas, last night was a family favorite.
Holiday break, I get to be home with my fam, 11 free days for 3 days of PTO.
Seafood dinner and movies for Christmas Day, our little family tradition.
Enjoying the Season of Giving without expecting a thing in return.

Yea we really are blessed beyond measure when you take the time to count them.  

This year we are planning to do a charity, I always think it but never make time and or put away the money.  2012 MUST.

I'm gonna let the kids vote.. between Operation Christmas Child and Water for Christmas.  They will keep me honest.  

What are you most looking forward to?  c'mon, I know I forgot something.

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