Saturday, December 22, 2012


We started making these for Kya teachers Holiday gifts Wednesday nite.
By Thursday, Kya was kinda bored with it but I tunneled through, found something small to add on that wasn’t edible and wrapped them up to go.
I tagged up some Mentos gum (with this free printable) for my coworkers and we were all set to fill some lives with cheer on our last day of work before Christmas break.  Mine went off without a hitch.  Kya, not so much, she forgot all of her gifts.  1-2-3-4-5, all of them.
On top of that, since Friday was Pajama day at school, she finagled Dad into letting her wear different jammies (they were floods) than what I’d left for her to wear.  And all she wanted to talk about on the 5 minute ride home from daycare was, “Is it the weekend, can I watch TV?”
When I came home and saw the gifts on the island after witnessing the too short jammies, I just crashed.  I was so heartbroken.  ALL MY WORK – MOOT.  I couldn’t find the words, but I was not happy, it was not good.  It was a rough week, jacked up report cards, hurt babies, it was a rough week. 
So, I went to bed to keep my attitude to myself.  I woke up around 7, better.  I realized it wasn’t intentional, and then I actually felt kinda thankful that Kya is ok with too short jammies.  Why should she care what other people think? 
I made it through the night, without yelling once and no hard feelings. (Full disclosure: I did have two glasses of wine gifted from a coworker)
Today I’m all set to make some new memories, with lots of delicious recipes from pinterest and the notorious P-Dub. 
I don’t know about you, but my attitude typically sets the tone around here and if Momma ain’t happy, nobodys happy.  So, here’s hoping you’re EnjOyiNg! the holiday spirit and minimizing the holiday stress.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Give a little bit.

On Saturday, I looked online for a clip from the Steve Harvey talk show about a heartwarming story Haikeem had shared with me earlier in the week.  I wanted to see it myself and thought it was the perfect time to share some goodness.

But I couldn't find a good clip of the whole storyline.  #Ugh. 

Then today, I'm quick running through my Reader and I see, "Be the Good" I click and I watch this video over at  And it was just the light my little heart needed to see.  

Give it a go, it might warm you up a little too.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Most delicious vanilla frosting ever. (The recipe calls for vanilla paste? I use vanilla extract and my family loves it).
Trust me, your cake will disappear, more than half the first night and it will be gone when you get home from work the next day.  Gone.
Kya’s actual birthday was yesterday and I am still feeling the effects of the party.  Parties have pros and cons.  After her little shin dig on Saturday, I made an executive decision, that friend parties will be every other year. 
Having strangers over definitely pushed me to get some things done around the house that I’ve been dragging my feet on, but the pressure I put on myself was heav-eee. 
I was still in a jeans, a messy t-shirt and slippers when the first guests started to arrive.
It was difficult making sure the girls were playing nice.  “Kya open my present first”  “Can we go play dolls” “Can we go to your room”
Let alone managing the party while hosting, greeting guest, escorting folks out, passing out goodie bags, attending to children with no parents?!?  Forget about taking pictures.  I didn’t have enough arms, ears or feet.  And honestly, I felt like it didn’t go over well at all. 
But fortunately, I did get some pictures (and my neighbor helped me too).  So when I got to see her expressions captured that made me feel a lot better – she had a great time.  This also helped me realize that picture perfect parties is a joke, there is absolutely no way to pull that off without extra hands around. 
I couldn’t have done it without help, so I was sure to thank the kiddos who cleaned, played DJ, just full on came to Mommas rescue without complaint.  The big spender in me gave them each a tub of gum…
these goobers counted them one-by-one. Who does that? My kids.
I must know, do you have big birthday parties every year?  Is there a secret to their success?  Dish…

Monday, December 10, 2012


My baby turns 6 tomorrow, we had a party for her on Saturday.  She was surrounding by lots of friends & family.  C’mon in, I’ll show you.
Celebs were in the building.
Raise your hand for cupcakes, vanilla?
You should maybe rent Just Dance 4 for entertainment, expect the girls to choose Call Me Maybe over and over and over and over and over…
You can also decorate faux gingerbread houses where you provide the d├ęcor, m&ms, pretzels (good windows), peppermints, mike & ikes and gumdrops of course.
These houses were held together by hot glue, this was discussed with the children and the parents.  This activity was more of a craft than a lunch.

She really had a good day, she was a great little hostess for almost 6.  Excited, humble, grateful, happy and that made me so happy.  My heart was full and my feet were tired.  Whew!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Since You've Been Gone....

I haven't been right since Sandy.
I've just been off kilter, unable to find balance.  
All first world problems...I know. waaa waaa waaaa.

In the past few weeks:
I just made it to get coffee and I was rear-ended at the light, in hubbys car. 
My Eagles have been suckyyyy, 3-9.  I never hear the end of it.
We went to a party 74 miles away, my middle son went to a school dance and missed his ride home.  A teacher drove him home. And the best parents award goes to....
Kya has strep. Ugh.  
Dying Keurig coffee brewer.  
Dog needs shaving but freaks out at groomer.  Dog hair dust bunnies - everywhere at home.
Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Retreats, more Birthdays,  Sometimes it's all just too much. 

{insert silver lining}

There are so many things to be thankful for and to look forward to:
New year, woot woot!
Kya's birthday! woot woot woot!
ABCfamily's 25 Days of Christmas, last night was a family favorite.
Holiday break, I get to be home with my fam, 11 free days for 3 days of PTO.
Seafood dinner and movies for Christmas Day, our little family tradition.
Enjoying the Season of Giving without expecting a thing in return.

Yea we really are blessed beyond measure when you take the time to count them.  

This year we are planning to do a charity, I always think it but never make time and or put away the money.  2012 MUST.

I'm gonna let the kids vote.. between Operation Christmas Child and Water for Christmas.  They will keep me honest.  

What are you most looking forward to?  c'mon, I know I forgot something.