Monday, November 5, 2012

The little engine that could...

That my friends, is the generator that helped make living with no power tolerable. 

It brought us hot water and some electricity.

On Friday, our neighbor came over and lit the pilot for the fireplace, which helped dramatically.

So really, it wasn't that bad, inconvenient but not extreme.  Not everyone has those advantages.

Our electric was restored at midnite on Saturday (into Sunday).  My faith never waivered and today our area is 99% back in business.  Due to some hard-working individuals, that I wish I could have over for dinner.  

We spent most of yesterday settling right back into our spoiled ways.  TV, cable, tivo, wifi, lighting, computers, microwave, stove, washer/dryer, all those fabulous amenities.  

And as a further treat to myself... 

This guy.  Good God.  Man they don't make 'em like that everyday.

Flight. See it, I was speechless, on the edge of my seat intense.  
It both is and is not (hard to explain) what the previews lead you to believe.  

And Thank you Thank you Thank you - for thinking of us, we are all well, humbled and thankful.  There are so many still without, keep your thoughts and prayers going.  

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