Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The lights are on inside, but nobody's home.

So the power outage somehow zapped our fridge. 
Lights are on inside, but it won't get cold.  
Very odd and hopefully repairable. (Is that a word?)

We still had the coolers around so I promptly had Chalana run to our local Wawa (convenience store) and grab ice.

Quick look through the fridge and I moved all the raw meats, milk, mayo, creamer.  Moved the cooler out to deck for the coolest cool.    
And we're good.  
We're ahead of the game. No more waste, food is saved. 
Yes.  I'm a local hero. 

The next morning, Haikeem calls me at work.  

"Hey, the fridge is still not cooling.  We can just put stuff in the garage fridge until they schedule someone to come out."

Yep.  I completely forgot about the garage fridge.  I only see it practically everyday.  It's 8 feet from the kitchen, in front of my car, in the garage. It's older than 2 of my 3 children.  It's from my first home.

How many of you keep an extra fridge, just in case?  I'm still shaking my head, can't believe I messed this one up.  Only $5 cost in ice...but it's the principle.  Don't you agree.  

But let's be honest, how many people have an extra refridgerator?!  Apparently we do.  None of it makes sense to me.  I think mentally I planned on selling it, or giving it away to someone who needs it.  

And now Haikeem's argument will be - But she's earning her keep!

What say you?  

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