Friday, November 16, 2012

Flashback Friday!

Seriously folks, that's a throwback for ya.  
Kadir is a little over one years old in this picture.  So it's 15 years ago.  Carazy.  Haikeem looks so young!
I have braids and baby fat cheeks, don't u just wanna squeeze 'em?

New parents. New everything.
Could the picture be any more cheesey.  I still love it.  

Haikeem's nephew sent this to him a few weeks ago.
This same nephew called me on Saturday night out of the blue, for no reason at all.  Just to say, "Hi Aunt Tiffany"  

That's about all he gets to say, cause then I ask 100 questions so he never feels awkward for calling me and knows it's always always welcome.
How are you?
Where are you?
Whatcha doing?
How much do you miss me?
How's school?
Do you like your teachers?
Whats your favorite subject?
Where's your Mom? 
When are you coming up?

Haikeem was pretend jealous.  He wants to be the cool family member but I seem to be winning.  He called his nephew back and said, "Man, you can't be calling my wife!"

That's when he found this picture in his phone from his nephew. 

We are still cleaning up from the week with no power.  I was hoping to do something festive for the mantle, but was just happy to be able to get clean laundry.  

No excuses and definitely not complaining, just being honest.  

Here and Here are two very pretty free downloads if you need some extra pretty at your home for Turkey Day or something to keep the kiddos busy.  
So much to be Thankful for, sometimes I well up when I think about  it.  I've been blessed. 

Thanks for dropping in.

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