Monday, October 22, 2012


love me

I feel like this proverb describes my marriage, except at the end I would change it to say, “…because that is when I need it the most.” 

I would love to know how Haikeem tolerates me without whining, I would honestly see if he had extra so I could bottle it up and sell it – it’s gold.  I am grateful for our love, however wonky, it works. 

Listen.  It ain’t always rainbows and unicorns ‘round here, in fact, it’s never rainbows and unicorns.  But lately, I find that we are at this stage in life when love is either sticking or it’s not.

I had Kadir, almost exactly 9 months after I got out of college, so many of our oldest friends don’t have kids his age and everyone we meet nowadays has small children.  What makes it even more difficult is when a family in our circle breaks up.


It’s hard on everyone, especially when all you want is for everyone to just be happy.  Together or apart, whatever works. 

Everything I thought I knew about LOVE keeps.on.changing, it keeps right on challenging and teaching me at every turn.  I have had to eat my words in my own relationship a lot, with no regrets.  I’ve learned that everyone has a different tolerance for pretty much everything but you have to do what works for you and go with your gut.


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