Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I craft’d a fair and I liked it…

This past Saturday, my friend and I braved our first craft fair.

Did I sell out. no.  Did I sell anything?  why yes.

photo 1

sign at home

I named our table, xo. handmade

My main product was rice warmers and I didn’t sell any, boo.  (good thing they make great gifts)   Earlier in the week, I released myself from the pressure to sell a certain amount and that allowed me to have a good time.  Which I did.

We were next to a table that sold seasonal flags for outside your home, not hand crafted but they get 10 bonus points for knowing their market.  The flags were 5 for $20 and she sold a TON!  It was the running joke of the day for us, that she was kicking our arse in sales. 

Slow sales made for a loooooooong day, but it was a great experience. 

full table

I couldn’t find my phone before we left at 7:15am (!!!!!)  so I had zero pictures.  I don’t know how to describe the feeling of being vulnerable to the world,  “Oh please like my stuff, please world please.  Not only like it - buy it, too, please”

Oddly enough, customers wanted to buy what wasn’t for sale – the chalkboard, the “HEY” pennant, and that feeling was BOSS!  It was like a pat on the back for having style.

We even had some people ask for our card, they wanted to know if we owned a boutique/shop. HA! HA!  It was our first time, so I took it as a compliment.  We were both pleased with our table of one of a kind goodies.

I earned enough to cover the cost of the table and I really want to try it again.  I will definitely do it again.

2012:   Try a table at a craft fair.  Check.

I talk about sending/receiving happy mail and This is why!


My nephew turned 3 today. 

I took a chance on Captain America at Marshalls.   Can you see the HAPPY and JOY in his smile!!!  Money well spent, his joy lit up my afternoon.

Who doesn’t like receiving a little love from Mr. Postman? 

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