Thursday, October 4, 2012

Baby shower favors

When I’m crafting, energy just comes. 
I have a baby shower on Saturday and I am to bring the favors.  Since the Momma loves her chocolate, her bestie thought chocolate bars would be perfect.  Who am I to argue?
I was able to get a complimentary pass to BJs (ask nicely and smile) where I scored a box of 36 bars for $20 bucks, I needed two.
To make these you will need:
Patterned paper or access to a color printer  (You can draw polka dots on a green background like I did)
Ribbon/Yarn/Twine, whichever you fancy
Scissors/Paper cutter
Hole Punch
Tape or stickers
You don’t even need a super clean kitchen counter.
- Print out your labels, cut them up.
- Take one of the candy bar wrappers and use it as a template to cut out your new wrappers.  The standard size is 5.5x5.25, just ask google.  (Full disclosure, this part I did on Monday night.   Everything else, I did last nite).
- Take one ribbon and wrap it around the bar to see how long you need it.  Use this as your template and cut, cut, cut.  It goes fast.
When all your supplies are prepped.   You’re ready to start the assembly!
First wrap the candy bars in the new patterned paper.
After they are all wrapped, you can add the embellishments.  My fav!  I had a helper.  Of course.
Try to get one who lets you listen to YOUR favorite Pandora station, not hers.
‘Do you want, Katy Perry or Adele?’  ha ha
She put little sticky hearts on the tags for me while I wrapped and wrapped and wrapped.
Then I tagging while she ate dinner and did her homework.
Took me about two hours, it goes by so fast if you have all the supplies prepped and don’t watch TV, just Pandora.
My heart was full and I was happy (and proud!), cause I think they are cute.
So the next time there is a shower coming, raise your hand to do the favors, easy peasy.
btw…it’s 6:44a here and it is pitch black outside, reason #9072 I’m angry with the Fall. 
Tonight is Red Lobster Shrimpfest with the girls, I try to get there once a year, the scampi and biscuits, yummmm.

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