Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wall art DIY, $4 bucks

I read on a blog somewhere long ago to warm up your place, put something on the walls.  I've come to agree. 

Something about wall art, warms the place up, makes it feel lived in, cared about, cozy.  Only thing is, it’s hard to choose and can be pricey. 

So, a few weeks ago, Kya and I made some wall art for her room. 


Here is a pic of the inspiration, right outta Tarjay.

thank you cards

Here’s how we did it..


Acrylic paint, .80 cents

2 Posterboards, .50cents each

2pk sponges from the Dollar Store

I cut the sponges in circle shapes and we went to work.  It was a “can’t really go wrong'” project. 


Kya giving the sponge a good pressing.

After Kya completed the light pink and yellow, I went back with Hot Pink for effect.  I also used the extra posterboard so I could monogram it.  I went with a ‘K’ for Kya and a heart for the other side of the room, where her auntie sleeps.



Here they are in action.   Are they perfect? nope.  Do they make the room look nice, yep!

I like done, better than perfect, it’s my new philosophy, get up on it, it’s a game changer.

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