Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School, woot! woot!


6:30 am – High School Bus, 11th grade


7:10 am – Middle School Bus, 8th grade

(Dad walked the boys to the bus stop, not so cool if your Mom walks you at that age, booo)


8:20 am - Elementary School bus, Kindergarten

I have one at each school in the District for this one year.  Carazaay! 

Hubbs being the Superstar Dad he is (insert sarcasm) wanted to send the kids off with a fresh and healthy start, by the time I came down he’d already drove over to a bakery and got the kids…


DONUTS, don’t get much healthier than that.


They enjoyed them. 

Around 11a, I got this picture message from a neighbor.

photo (1)

I didn’t take my camera to the bus stop, I didn’t know how it would pan out, I was prepared for Kya to be hesitant, not quite sure about getting on that bus.

But the “waiver” you see is Kya!!! And to your left is her Daddy, ‘trying’ to get a kiss goodye, Kya just sighed, “Daddyyyyyyyy” – she was NOT trying to miss that bus.  And off she went, never looked back. 

It was a full morning, cheers to a new normal.





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