Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our Olympics

So being completely honest, it’s Summer and the brains at our home are going to mush.  I’ve been trying to have Mommyschool, but I’ve tanked.  The most I’ve done is shuttle, shuttle, shuttle and visit the local amusement park.

But I did suggest the Man to do Science night, like he promised.  All the stars aligned and it actually went down.

What you need:
Dish soap
Yeast (ours was expired)
Food coloring  (optional, I think)
Hydrogen peroxide
Empty plastic bottles (recycle bin)
Something to catch the foam

Khari went first... monster in his foam.  He medalled, bronze.

His older brother quickly pointed out, you didn’t activate the yeast.  Kadir is full of (sometimes useless) facts. 

Kya went next (with Khari’s help)...

…things got a little foamy.  They activated the yeast, she took home the Silver.

But Kadir took home the Gold, his went MONSTER!

After I realized we had 3 different results with this experiment, (while cleaning up) we talked about what we did differently with each person.  

Kadir used Palmolive and more water, while the other littles used 7th generation dish soap.  It was a good family night, hopefully they will talk about this nite when the teacher asks "What did you do this Summer?" and not all the TV they've been watching.    

If you try this in your home, for the win: You have to activate yeast in warm water ;)

Thanks for dropping in!

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