Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Inspiration for the week...

This was a quote that really stuck with me, so I wanted to share.  {I've been thinking I should  make a scrapbook with the all inspirational quotes I find on pinterest, luv them}.

I remember a time when I was on my phone, all.the.time, chatting it up, had to check my minutes, as not to go over.  Now they rollover, every.single.month.  Why?  I have a lot less to say.  

When you are confident in your own decisions, you worry a lot less of what others will think.  Someone will always have an opinion but in the end, do you really care. 

As a woman a lot of times we chat-chat-chat it up.  Really just seeking understanding from our friends and family, but I assure you, if you do what in your heart feels right - you’ll be okay.

We've been on MAJOR holiday, but last week we finally did something!  I’ll be back soon with the "Nelson Olympics," they were pretty funny. 

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