Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'm walking on sunshine, yeaaahh.

I have got off my tush and walked 1+ miles over the last week. Three times!  Cue the applause.

And the last two times, the Hubbs got up and did it with me. I'm hoping we can maintain the momentum.  My goal is to do it right after dinner before I settle in for the night and get on the internets.  

Somehow,  I am almost 20 pounds heavier over the last 15 years, that's a little over a pound a year.  I'm over it, cause in my head I don't see, but the scale says it's there.

I remember overhearing my Dad saying he is about the same size-ish since HIGH SCHOOL and this guy doesn't know where or how to find a gym.  His trick is simple, walking for 30 minutes or so after dinner.  That's it.  

How about you, annoyed at the scale? Got any good tips for keeping the momentum?  I figure if I keep it up for a month or so I can treat myself to a cute pair of walking sneakers ;)

Thanks for dropping in, stay kool out there. 

P.S. Is your TV without Nickelodeon, MTV and Comedy Central?  Kya says in her super-calm-tone-that-she-does-not-get-from-me..."It's ok, we still have Disney" it was pretty funny, oh, to be 5.

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