Monday, July 2, 2012

Ask me about my big DEAL

Real Rap, true story, one I will always remember:

A couple months back I found a pretty big error on the part of our cable provider (ahem, DirecTV), to the tune of $300 dollars big.  It was a small charge that had been going on for a long time. 

So that entire weekend, I asked the kids, Chalana, Haikeem, well anyone who would listen, if they wanted to hear about MY BIG DEAL.  I was so proud.  The irony was, DirecTV had sent the ad called The BIG DEAL to promote Their BIG DEAL and it ended up being the reminder I needed to call about the questionable charge.

Now, anytime there are BIG savings ‘round here, the joke is: Ask me about my BIG DEAL!


On late Friday afternoon, I realized I needed to quick go grab a baby shower gift for Saturday. 

I’m on the highway and I notice two cars on the opposite side of the highway, parked.  On my side, I see a gentleman walking.  It was hott on Friday, 90+.  There was a battle in my head.  Do I stop, Do I not stop? 

Tiffany people are crazy.

But girl it’s hott!!!

Tiffany you JUST had a birthday.  You can’t risk your life cause it’s hot! 

But it’s soo hott.  You are in no rush, you can do this quick, it’s the right thing to do.  

You all know which I chose, right? I stopped.

Of course, now I’m a good 5 minutes away from my walker (all that talking to myself).  I quick say 100,000,000 million quick, fast prayers asking God to keep me safe, get me back home to my kids in one piece.  Then I shove my phone in my purse and my purse in the backseat. 

I ask the walker, Casey, if he needs a ride for gas? access to a phone?  How can I help.  Casey is in shock.  You’re gonna give me a ride? He’ll take the ride to the next exit.  Thank you. 

Yep, I’m going to the next exit.  So Casey you’re in luck, you can get out there, go to Tarjay get yourself a cold drink, phone a friend and you can get back to your car.  Voila all fixed!

Not so easy.  Casey’s car broke down on the Turnpike.  Casey is going to Easton.  Easton is on the opposite side of town from me.   Going to Easton is a chore, ugh!!!  I end up offering to take him halfway, to the Airport.  Yes, the Airport.  We can stop there, grab some cold drinks from Sonic, and there’s another Tarjay close.  Kool.  Perfect.  The airport.

The airport comes and goes, Casey doesn’t seem like he’s gonna kill me.  He’s 23, works in fire safety and he is dripping with sweat.  He’d kept his shirt on while walking so he wouldn’t get too sunburnt.  I drive Casey to Easton, and of course, his stop is the last exit in Pennsylvania. 

Somewhere in our chit chat, I find out, Casey had already been walking for 2 hours.  It was in the high 90s on Friday.  He didn’t say it, but I know, Casey fully intended on walking all the way to Easton.  God bless him.

An hour later.  I’m back at my original destination, Tarjay, looking to quick grab this swing for the shower, it’s priced $109.99, me and the sisters are chipping in, in and out.  Only, I didn’t read that it’s online only.  Whoops!  the shower is tomorrow,  dangit!

Funny thing.  I found the swing.  Different print, same functions.  In store and at less than half the original price.  This print was being offered at $45.08.  Shut the front door!

I think the discount price on the shower gift was just a bonus from God.  A little reward and reassurance for doing God’s work.

So tell me, am I crazy?  Would you have done it?




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