Friday, June 29, 2012

Yesterday was my birthday


I took the day off and spent the morning in my fuzzy slippers.  Old and  beaten but still warm and comfy.




I was having some coffee when I noticed all my little reminders in the kitchen.


Then I was off to spend some quality alone time at Kohl’s. 


My silly self thought I had 30% off, here I never pulled the tab to reveal my savings. $#!@ goober.  Can you say annoyed.  I’ve been pretty lucky with sneakers there for the boys and I scored again, even with just 15%, beats a blank.

Oh, wanna guess how old I turned?


It’s a new era for me, but I accept the challenge. 

I was completely spoiled from dawn til dusk, and every email, text message, fb post and phone call was met with a smile, it twas a good day.

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