Friday, June 15, 2012

Yardsaling and pinterest

I got this dress, yardsaling for .50cents.

I liked it but thought it could use a little oomph, Pinterest to the rescue! 

I used the back of an old white t-shirt, hot glue, scissors and 15 minutes. 


Hello Mini Mamacita!


And we were out the door for her end of year Program.

All three of my kiddos were promoted this year to the next grade, without much help from me.  I completely took that for granted, until just this week, I was talking with a co-worker who has to pay to put kid in Summer school so he can be promoted to the next level. 

Just a gentle reminder to congratulate your children (as well as friends and family) on all their successes.  We sometimes forget how much we DO have, in the quest for all our wants.  At least, I know I do.

Talk soon. 

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