Thursday, June 7, 2012



Somewheeeeeere …..(so glad I got this picture, it says everything about her right now.)


Over the rainbow….


Way up hiiigh.


Kya is going through a singing phase.  It is every day, all day.  It is quite cute (and amusing!).


We ate dinner and then I went upstairs, sat on my tush and decided we should go to the park (I should get off my arse).  It was so pretty out, I took my camera.

I walked around the playground while she played, all by herself.  Then I sat for a while on a bench and when I saw this shot I got up to take her picture (above). 

Then she said, “Wait I have a pose’


So cheesey.

“My friend took a picture like this with really pretty clothes on.” Oh, to be 5 and full of so much happy and promise.  I wish I could shake some on my breakfast each morning.

Haik and I attended a funeral yesterday, where I heard this song.  The version I found on youtube gets a little lengthy, but the important part is the lyrics.  I couldn’t hear the words too well yesterday, but I’m so glad I looked them up, cause I think I’ll keep them close. Forever.

Thankful Thursday.


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