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I laughed out loud for a while on this one.

Real Rap, True Story: At the end of Kya’s End of School ceremony, Haik meets me in the parking lot to pick up Kya so I can go on to work.

Earlier that morning, I was a little late to arrive so I got the last parking spot, the spot was next to a knee high rock wall, one of the rocks had fallen in the spot but it was close to the wall.  It was a tight squeeze, but I got in.  I checked the situation and it seemed as if, the only way out was for me to back out over the rock, fine.  But hopefully the other car would be gone and the problem would be solved.  I was crunched for time, I took the crappy spot.

The other car was still there when we got out of the program. Boo.

Haik scoops Kya.  I get in the car, he’s says to me: There is a rock in there.

I yell back: I know.

He's still watching me.  I am annoyed.  Who can back out with someone watching?  Ugh!!  I try my way and end up hearing a crunch. I get out, check the situation, all is ok.  But the rock is in between my tires on the passenger side. 

All the while, I’m thinking, just leave, let me back out over this rock and be on my way, Silly Man!

Being the super husband he is, he walks over to direct me out:  Turn your wheel right, ok, now left, drive in, straighten your tires, ok, get as close as you can to the other car and back out straight.  I wanted to do it by myself.  All wrong and over the rock, but MYSELF.

Five minutes later when I got to Dunkin, I realized how silly I was being in my head.  And I thanked God (in my head) for my Awesome Husband and I thought, he don’t even know, he married a crazy woman.

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